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Add and delete pages, add design notes and more

Easily manage your design pages from inside the editor.

Create or open an existing design, and refer below:

  • Add page: click the + icon above your design to add a page, or click the + Add a new page button below it (or below the last page of your design if you have multiple pages)
  • Delete page: click the trash icon above your design
  • Duplicate page: click the two-page or copy page icon above your design
  • Rearrange pages: click the  or ᐯ icons above your design to move pages up or down
  • Add note: click the sticky note icon above your design (helpful in Presentations)
  • Page title: click the text field next to the page number to give it a title (helpful in sharing designs as websites)

Page limit reached

Designs can have up to 100 pages. If you need more, simply create a new designDownload both designs, and combine them using any file merger.

Updated on February 22, 2021

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