Add background

Create or open an existing design, and click the Bkground tab from the side panel to choose a background.

Solid color background

Click on a color tile below the search bar to apply it to your design.

To pick a new color, click the color palette icon, and click the New color tile.

Gradient background

Type “gradient” on the search bar, and hit Enter or Return on your keyboard. Click on any of the results to apply it to your design.

To edit the gradient color, click the color tile on the toolbar above the editor.

Image background

Click on an image from the Bkground tab to use it as your background. Use the search bar to look for more specific ones.

You can use stock images and uploads as backgrounds by adding them to your design and by right clicking on them. Select Set Image as Background.

You can also use imported Dropbox images as backgrounds.

Video background

Add any video to your design. Right click on it, and select Set Video as Background.

Updated on February 22, 2021

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