Change Templates

Easily change your design template:

  1. Create or open an existing design. If your design has multiple pages, scroll to the page you want to edit, and click anywhere inside the page.
  2. Click the Templates tab from the editor side panel.
  3. Scroll down to see the available templates, or use the search bar to look for a template.
  4. Click on a template to apply it to the page.

Tip: When creating designs that you plan on printing, we suggest using CMYK colors to help ensure that it’s printer-friendly. We also advise this for Canva Print orders.

Edited text when changing templates

If the new template is from any of the following design categories, the edited text in your design will follow the template’s text formatting:

If your new template is not supported, you will be shown these options. Choose one:

  • Replace. Replaces the current page’s template with the new one, removing your edits
  • Add template as new page. Adds a page to your design with the new template’s default textelements, and colors

If your design has multiple pages, it will only be applied to the current page.

Tip: When working with multiple-paged designs, change the template for all pages by clicking Apply all from the editor side panel (works only for templates with multiple pages).

Updated on February 22, 2021

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