Various menus across the site, including header and footer navigation can be managed from “admin > appearance > menu manager” page. On this page you can:

  • Add new menus or remove existing menus.
  • Change position where menu appears on the site.
  • Reorder menu items via drag and drop.
  • Add new menu items or remove existing menu items.

Menu position option control where on the site the menu will appear. For example, selecting “Landing Navbar” would show the menu on the landing page at the top of the page and selecting “Footer” would show the menu in the footer (The menu positions available will depend on the app you are using).


If multiple menus are assigned to the same position, only the first one will be shown.

When adding menu items you can select from different destinations:

  • Link allows entering any custom url, either 3rd party or from your app. It should be a full url, for example:
  • Route is for entering urls from your own site. You can either select it from the suggested urls list or enter a custom one without a domain, for example: login to open the login page.
  • Custom page allows linking custom pages created from “admin > custom pages” section.