CoBlocks is a visual coding language that lets you simply drag and drop CoBlocks

(blocks of code) to program your CoSpace.

A CoBlock represents a snippet of code, or statement, which tells CoSpaces Edu to do something like starting a specific action in your scene.


You can find the Code icon in the top-right toolbar.

To open the CoBlocks coding editor, click the CoBlocks icon.


The empty space on the right side is the

CoBlocks workspace.

The list of CoBlocks on the left side is the

CoBlocks toolbox.


To program an item with CoBlocks, enable its use in CoBlocks.

To do this, select the object you would like to use in your code, click Code, and enable Use in CoBlocks.

There are 2 main types of CoBlocks: Expression and Statement CoBlocks:

Statement CoBlocks

Statement CoBlocks often perform a specific action. For example, you can make an item talk, using the say CoBlock.


Expression CoBlocks

Expression CoBlocks contain values. These values can be:

● Colors (red, green, blue)

● Numbers like 5 and 0.25

● Strings like “Hi there!”

● Other items in the scene


Expression CoBlocks can be recognized by their round shape and are always placed into other CoBlocks:


Updated on February 24, 2021

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