Codeblock Activities

The Tinkercad Codeblocks editor now has its own suite of interactive starter activities to help new users learn the moves. You can use this link to jump right into the first activity. Otherwise, you’ll find these activities by scrolling down in the launcher menu of any Codeblocks design, or by clicking the word “Codeblocks” in the top left corner (as shown below). From this same window you can also find our Codeblocks Quick Start guide, as well as view and pick apart a handful of great starter designs.


The three new interactive learning activities help beginners take their first steps in computational design and modeling. Activities include:

  • Intro to Shapes– covers the basics of manipulating the size and color of Shapes and employs core concepts of 3 dimensional space (WxLxH).
  • Moving Shapes– covers the basics of navigating Shapes through 3 dimensional space, assembling Shapes to build simple things and introducing 3D technical concepts like workspace origin, XYZ axes, plotting with Cartesian coordinates, positive/negative direction, perspective vs. orthogonal views and quadrants.
  • Rotating Shapes– challenges users to explore single and multi-axis rotation reinforces earlier 3D technical concepts like workspace origin, XYZ axes, plotting with Cartesian coordinates, positive/negative direction, as well as rotational increments. (5)-2

Updated on February 22, 2021

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