In order for social login buttons to work properly, you will need to register for an application on their respective sites and enter the credentials you receive into admin area -> settings -> authentication page.


When entering your site callback url on google, facebook and twitter sites, it is very important that url you enter matches the one displayed in “admin -> settings > general” page exactly, including protocol (https or http), www or no www and all slashes.


  1. Register for regular facebook account, if you don’t already have one.
  2. Open this url, click my apps in the top navigation bar, then Add a New App.
  3. Enter any display name, your email address and click Create App ID
  4. Click + Product in left sidebar, then Facebook Login, select Web, enter your site url. You can ignore the rest of the panels on this page (quickstart).
  5. Click Facebook Login > Settings and enter into Valid OAuth redirect URIs field.
  6. Click Status toggle in the navbar to make your application public.
  7. Click Settings -> Basic in left sidebar and copy/paste APP ID and APP SECRET into settings page.

Facebook login will only work with secure sites (https).


  1. Register for regular google account, if you don’t already have one.
  2. Open this url, create a new project, click Credentials in left sidebar,  click Create Credentials select Oauth Client ID -> Web Application.
  3. Enter http://your-site-url/secure/auth/social/google/callback into Authorized Redirect URIs field and click Create.
  4. Click on Library in left sidebar, find Google+ API and enable it.
  5. Copy/paste Client ID and Client Secret into settings page.


  1. Register for regular twitter account, if you don’t already have one.
  2. Open this url, click Create an App, enter anything into name and description fields, enter your site url into Website field.
  3. Enter  into Callback URL field and create the app.
  4. Click on Keys and Tokens and Copy Api Key and Api Secret (Under consumer API keys) into bedrive settings page.