In order to receive payments via Stripe, you will need to follow steps below to create a stripe account, configure webhook and receive your stripe API keys.

1. Registering for stripe

Create a new stripe account here (if you don’t already have one) and confirm your email address.

2. Creating a webhook

Next you will need to create webhook, so stripe can notify your site of various events, for example when payments succeed or fail. This step is very important as billing will not work properly otherwise.

  1. Click Developers -> Webhooks in left sidebar.
  2. Click Add Endpoint. Enter “” in Endpoint Url field.
  3. Click receive all events button.
  4. Click Add endpoint button.

3. Getting API Keys

Finally you will need to copy stripe API keys and enter them into settings page on your site.


Stripe has test and live modes. Both modes have separate API keys and webhooks. Use test mode to test that everything is working properly (you can get test credit card details here). Once you are ready to go to live mode, use live keys and switch your stripe to live mode from stripe dashboard.

  1. Click Developers -> API Keys in the left sidebar.
  2. Copy API keys shown in this page and paste them in corresponding fields in admin area -> settings -> billing page on your site.