Creating a Scene

Getting Started

In this example, we will create an augmented reality scene for displaying a 3D model. The Hologram supports glTF 2.0 (embedded and binary) models, so we will use the Monster model found at this link. You can also find models on the following websites:

• KhronosGroup
• Sketchfab
• Archive3D
• Sketchup’s 3D Warehouse
• TurboSquid

Let’s start building the example:

1. In the sidebar of the control panel, click the Create Scene link;
2. Click the Add Entity button and choose 3D Model. In the file selection window, choose the file Monster.glb;

3. In the Entities panel, configure the properties as shown below;

4. In the preview pane, you can see the following result:

5. Write a title and description, change the status of the scene to public and save;

6. With the marker printed, we can access the application URL, point the camera and see the result:

Updated on April 11, 2021

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