Dashboard Overview

When you login to the Metaverse Studio or create an account, you be viewing the Metaverse Studio Dashboard.

Dashboard Tabs


Search for public Experiences. From search you can click on Experiences and scan their QR codes to view them. If the Experience allows cloning, you can click the three dots next to “Share” to make a copy of the Experience and place it inside the “My Experiences” tab in the dashboard.

My Experiences

All of the Experiences that you have created or cloned. You can click on the Experience preview card to edit the Experience.

My Favorites

A collection of Experiences that you have favorited. You can favorite Experiences in the Metaverse app by tapping on the star icon from the Experience preview page.

My Walls

A list of all of the media walls (text, photo and video) that you have created. From this page you are able to view wall content, moderate content, edit name, and add/delete Walls.

  • Click on the wall name to view and delete content on the wall.
  • Click the pen icon to edit the wall name and description
  • Click the trash icon to delete the wall
  • Create a new wall by clicking the “Create Wall” button on the top right

My Polls

A list of all of the Polls that you have created. From this page you can view poll results, edit poll names and create/delete polls.

  • Click on the Click on the poll name to view the poll results
  • Click on the pen icon to edit the question and description
  • Click the trash icon to delete the poll
  • Create a new poll by clicking “Create Poll” on the top right


Featured experiences curated by the Metaverse team.

Dashboard Top Bar


Find all sorts of creative inspiration and Metaverse news.


Learn will link you to this guide.


View dozens of helpful tutorials on our YouTube channel.


View your username, logout and view your API Key. API keys are needed to use the Metaverse SDK.

Create Experience

Click the “Create Experience” button on the top right-hand side of the Dashboard from any tab to create a new Experience. Clicking the “Create Experience” button will take you to the Experience Storyboard.

Updated on February 24, 2021

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