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Edit the private / public setting for my designs

The private/public toggle in the properties dialog for the design (click the gear, then Properties).

If you accidentally put yourself in one of your Classes that was in “Safe Mode”, then your teacher account too will be in Safe Mode, and not showing you the private/public options.

You may need to look through your classes and see if your account is listed there. If so, click the green shield to toggle off Safe Mode for your account.

If your teacher account is accidentally in Safe Mode, it will have the following effects:

  • Removes the ability for the account to make their design “Public”, remaining “Private” by default; teachers may edit public/private.
  • Removes the ability for an account to browse the Gallery using search.
  • Limits the Gallery view to the curated Staff Favorites.
  • Removes the ability for an account to see design comments or make comments on any design.


Teachers who want less distractions for their students in Tinkercad should ensure Safe Mode is “ON” (default) for their Class, indicated by the green shield in their Class view. Also, Safe Mode may also be turned off/on for individuals in your Class.


Updated on February 22, 2021

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