Editing Styles

There are two ways of modifying an element’s styling:

  1. Individual style properties and
  2. Style classes

Individual style properties

These are individual properties such as text color, background color, padding, margins, etc. Most individual style properties are represented using a simple input field into which the end-user can input the property value. This is illustrated with the screenshot below:

Bloxby Style Editor

There are two style properties which are treated somewhat special. These are the background-image property and all color related properties. The color related properties, such as text color, background color, etc which activate a color picker when clicked. This allows the end-user to easily enter a color code. When the background-image property input field is clicked, the image library modal will automatically popup allowing the user to choose an image.

Style classes

In addition to individual style properties, The Builder also allows for style classes to be applied to elements. Style classes can be considered as a group of style properties all applied to an element at once. The style classes are represented as dropdown menus from which the end-user can pick a class.

Bloxby Style Editor

Updated on February 22, 2021

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