Google Vision

Google Vision Blocks use image recognition to detect simple objects, faces, and text.

Google Vision Block must be directly after a Camera Scene.

Detect Object

The Is Object Block will check to see if a photo contains a particular object. You can set what an Is Object Block looks for in the right-hand Menu. You must specify what happens when an object is detected and when an object is not detected

For example, if you want a user to take a photo, and determine if the photo is of a hot dog, then you would use the Is Object Block and type “hot dog” into the object section of the right-hand menu.

Detect Text

The Is Text Block will search for text in an image. Choose the text you would like to look for in the right-hand menu.

*NOTE: This block is the most accurate of the Google Vision Blocks

Detect If A Person Is Happy

The Is Happy Block analyzes a photo and determines if a person is smiling.

Updated on February 24, 2021

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