How to use Tinkercad Classrooms

Here are answers to some commonly asked questions about using Tinkercad Classrooms.

What are Tinkercad Classrooms?

Tinkercad Classrooms allows teachers to:

  • Quickly get students working in Tinkercad
  • Review and edit students’ designs and profile
  • Moderate students’ activities
  • Ensure students’ online safety and privacy.

What is new this schoolyear for Tinkercad Classrooms?

Tinkercad accounts may now join a teacher’s Class if provided the Class code or link. This includes Tinkercad accounts accessed by logging in via social sign on such as “Sign in with Google”. So, a Tinkercad Class can consist of a combination of either the Class Seats, which the teacher creates specifically for the Class, AND Tinkercad accounts, which a student may already be using.

This year, we also added the ability for a teacher to toggle “Safe Mode” on or off for anyone in a teacher’s class. A student in Safe Mode will have the following effect:

  • Removes the ability for a student in a Class to make their design “Public”, remaining “Private” by default; teachers may edit public/private.
  • Removes the ability for a student in a Class to browse the Gallery using search.
  • Limits the Gallery view to the curated Staff Favorites.
  • Removes the ability for a student to see design comments or make comments on any design.

Teachers who want less distractions for their students in Tinkercad should turn Safe Mode to “ON”.

How does a teacher create a Tinkercad Class?

A teacher must self-identify as a teacher to be able to create a Tinkercad Class. They may do this on sign up, or in their profile page while signed into their account. 


Note: Once your account is self-identified as a teacher, it cannot be changed. 

When your account is identified as a teacher, you will see a top navigation menu item called “Classes”, which you may click to navigate to your Classes page where you can create or find previously created Tinkercad Classes.


Create a Tinkercad Class:


  1. Click “Create new class”.                               createClass.png
  2. Add a Class name, Age/Grade level, and Subject, then click “Create Class”.newClass.png


Add students (Seats) to your Tinkercad Class:

Note: Students who already have Autodesk accounts or who log in via a social provider such as Google, will join your Class via a Class link or by entering your Class code in their Dashboard while logged in. Use the method below to create Class Seats, where a student doesn’t have or won’t need an account. 


Create a Class Seat

  1. Click “Add Students”.
  2. Add the student’s first and last name. You will see the student’s Nickname update as you enter the name. The Nickname is how the student will access their unique “Seat” in the Class. You may adjust the Nickname from the automatically created Nickname.mceclip0.png
  3. Click “Save Changes” to add the student to the Class.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for all students. There is a limit of 250 students per Class.
  5. Click “Back to class” to return to the Class roster.mceclip1.png

Optional: You may click “Past a list of students” which will allow you to past a list of students names from a CSV, and add each of them all at once to the Class.


Note: All students signing in as a Class Seat must have their own unique Nickname in a Class. Students will create and access any saved design when signing in with the Class link and unique Nickname. Students joining a Class from their own account will already have a unique username, and only need to join the Class once. 

Display the Class Code:

  1. To display the Class Code, which Students will use to enter the Class, click “Class Code”. The Class link is also displayed.class_link_code.jpg

Note: We recommend sharing the Class link with the Class Seat (student) and having them bookmark it in their browser for easy access back into your Tinkercad Class. This workflow will be easier than the student having to enter a 12-digit Class code when they get logged out.

Do students need a Tinkercad account to use Tinkercad?

No. A teacher can either create a Class Seat within their Class for a student to join with only the Class link and Nickname, or a student with a Tinkercad account can join a Class.

Further, students with an account or who sign into Tinkercad with the “Sign on with Google” method can join a Class once signed into Tinkercad.

How does a student join or re-enter a Tinkercad Class?

There are two ways a student will enter their teacher’s class depending on the circumstances:

  • A student may join a Tinkercad Class as a Teacher created Class seat using a Class code or link and Nickname (no account required).


  • A student may join a Tinkercad Class from within their Tinkercad account (signed into their Tinkercad account via username or “Sign in with Google”, for example).

To join a Class as a Class Seat with a Class link.

  1. Students can click the Class link given to them by the teacher who set up the Class. (Students can bookmark this Class link for easy re-entry into Tinkercad)
  2. Students then enter their unique Nickname that the teacher has set up for them, then click “That’s me!” to enter the Class.


Class seats can click the Class link and enter their Nickname to return to see and edit the designs they have worked on.  

To join a Class from Tinkercad account:

  1. Log into with your Tinkercad credentials or use a social sign on option to sign in such as “Sign in with Google”.
  2. In your Dashboard, click “Join a class”, or click the Class link your teacher gave you.
  3. If not joining by the Class link, enter the Class Code, then click “That’s me!”. 


That’s it, they’re in! The student will remain in the teacher’s Class, and there is no need to rejoin the Class with each login. Students joining a Class from their account will log back in normally and remain in the Class until their teacher removes or deletes them.

To join a Class with a Class link:

  1. Students can click the Class link given to them by the teacher who set the Class up.
  2. Students then enter their unique Nickname that the teacher has set up for them.

To join a Class as a Class Seat with a Class code:

  1. Students click “Join Class” at
  2. Students enter the Class code that the teacher has given. (Teacher: See section above to display the Class code in large format on your screen). Or write it on the chalkboard.joinclass.png
  3. Students each enter the unique nickname that teacher has created for them.nickname.png

Students are already in! They can click “Create New Design” to start designing. They can repeat steps 1-3 to return to their Seat in the Class, to see the designs they have worked on.

As a teacher, can I move students from one Class to another?

Accounts that join a Class can be removed from a Class and added to another Class that teacher owns. If an account within a Class is removed from that Class by the teacher, then it will be found in the “Unassigned” Class below the list of Classes.

Class Seats that the teacher creates cannot be removed from or transferred to another Class at this time.

How can a teacher review their student’s designs?

A bird’s eye view of the recent designs and activity of all students have made in a teacher’s Class can be seen by clicking on the “Designs” tab in the Class view. Clicking the “Activity” tab shows the recent designs, comments, or likes your students have made. 



The teacher can see who has joined the Classroom when the student’s name is clickable in the Class roster page. For example, below shows “student1” has previously joined the Class.


Click the student’s name to view and edit their designs they have created.


As a teacher, can I edit the Class Code or student Nicknames?

Yes. Teachers may regenerate their Class Codes and/or edit the Student Nicknames. You may choose to regenerate a Class Code on the “Student Login” page. Note that regenerating a Class Code invalidates the previous Class Code. Class Codes do not expire.

Teachers may also edit the student roster information. California all-on-4 and individual dental implants are a life-saver. For example, editing a Student’s Nickname will update how a student must enter it when joining a Class.

In any case, the student’s data will remain, but they will need to be told about any updates to a Class Code and/or Nickname to be able to join again.

As a teacher, can I view and edit my student’s designs?

Yes. All Class and student data belonging to your Teacher account is viewable and editable when logged into

Yes. All student designs, design properties, and profile data belonging to a teacher’s Class is viewable and editable when logged into your teacher account.

However, age 13+ accounts that join your Class have a restriction on the deletion of the account and password changes.


The teacher can set these abilities via the “Safe Mode” setting for a Class. By default, Tinkercad Classes are in “Safe Mode”. A student who is part of a Tinkercad Class where “Safe Mode” is set to “ON”:

  • Cannot make their design “Public”, remaining “Private” by default. Only the teacher may make students’ designs “Public”.
  • Cannot browse the Gallery using search.
  • Has a Gallery view limited to the curated Staff Favorites.
  • Cannot see design comments or make comments on any design.

I use Google Classrooms, can I use Tinkercad Classrooms with my Google login?

Yes! You may give a Class link or Class code for your Google students to join your Class. Have your students sign into Tinkercad using “Sign in with Google” option, then either:

  •  Click the Class link for the Class you created.


  • Click “Join my class” in the student’s Tinkercad Dashboard.

How do I delete student data?

The teacher may delete Classes, students, or individual designs.

To delete a Class:

  1. Open the Class properties by clicking the gear icon for that Class.
  2. In the dialog, check to “Delete Classroom”.
  3. Click “Save Changes”.
  4. Confirm the deletion by clicking “Delete”.

Note: Class seats will be deleted when the Class is deleted since they cannot exist outside of the Class. However, any accounts that joined the Class are moved to the “Unassigned Students” bucket below the Classes list. 


To delete a student:

  1. Navigate to your Class roster.
  2. Tick the radio button for any students you want to delete.
  3. Then, click the “Select Action” dropdown and click “Delete Students”.

What happens if a teacher’s account is deleted?

If a teacher delete’s their account, then all of their associated Classes, and student data within the Classes will be permanently deleted.

Can I add a second teacher to administer my Tinkercad Class with me?

Adding a second teacher role to a Tinkercad Classroom is something we are exploring for a future release! As a workaround, co-teachers may have students join their own Tinkercad Class, which makes them a co-moderator for that student’s entire account. This will not work for Class seats, however, since the Seat can only exist in one Class.

When my Class is over, how do I move students in a Class Seat and their data into a proper account? 

Working in Tinkercad Classrooms, the student data is owned by the teacher. We will introduce a method for a teacher to help convert their student data into an Autodesk account.

If you requires additional information about Tinkercad Classrooms, please submit a ticket here.

Updated on June 1, 2023

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