Media Wall

Media Wall Scenes allow an Experience to display photos, videos or text captured in Metaverse. These Scenes are always paired with a Save to Wall Block. You may choose not to show your Media wall in your Experience, but you will need a Save to Wall Block to save content.

Create A New Media Wall:

  1. Add a Media Wall Block or Scene
  2. Click the “New” button located in the right-hand Menu
  3. Name your Media Wall. Be specific! We recommend starting the Media Wall name with the name of your Experience
  4. (Optional) Add a description

Select An Existing Media Wall:

  1. Click on “Select A Wall” in the right-hand menu to see the Media Walls that you have already created
  2. Select the Media Wall you’d like to use
  3. A preview of the Media Wall will appear on the Media Wall Scene

Moderating Media Wall Content:

  1. Access your Media Wall Content from the Metaverse Dashboard by clicking “My Walls” OR by clicking on the “Manage” button located at the top of the Media Wall Scene.
  2. DELETE photos, videos and text from a Media Wall by clicking on the trash icon at the bottom of each item on the wall.

Edit the Media Wall Name and Info

Edit the Media Wall name & Info by clicking the pencil icon next to the Wall name on “My Walls.”


  • For users: Once a photo, video or text is uploaded to a Media Wall that you did not create, the action cannot be undone. To remove your content please email us.
  • If you see inappropriate content on a Media Wall, please email us with the Experience name & the name of the Media Wall.
Updated on February 24, 2021

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