Page view settings

Manage how design pages are displayed in the editor.

Create or open an existing design, and refer to the sections below:


Adjust the editor zoom settings to see your design better:

  1. Click the view percentage box on the bottom corner of the editor.
  2. Select a higher value to zoom in, or select a lower value to zoom out. You can also click Fit to fit the page in the editor, or Fill to zoom into the page’s full width.


  • Zoom in: CMD+ (Mac) or CTRL+ (Windows)
  • Zoom out: CMD- (Mac) or CTRL- (Windows)

Page manager

To enter the Page manager, click the four-box icon on the bottom corner of the editor, and easily edit your design pages.

  • Add page: click the + page or any of the + icons between the pages
  • Duplicate or delete page: hover your mouse over a page, and click the copy page or trash icon that appears
  • Reorder pages: click and drag a page to where you want it

Click  from the bottom corner of the Page manager to go back to the editor.

Present full screen

Click  or the double-ended arrow icon from the bottom corner of the editor to view your design in presentation mode.

Click the merging arrows icon to return to the editor.

Updated on February 22, 2021

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