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Place Experiences at Locations

Create your own Augmented Reality scavenger hunt in Metaverse!

Experiences in Metaverse can be placed at specific GPS locations or attached to objects and locations by pasting Experience QR codes. Experiences placed at GPS locations, will require a user to be at that location in order to view the Experience.

If you would like to place an Experience at a GPS location, you first must create a group:

  1. Click to “Publish” your Experience
  2. From the Publish window, click “Advanced” and then select “Part of a Group”
  3. Click “Group” on the left-hand side of the window
  4. Select a Group or create a new group
  5. If you’re creating a new group, give your Group a title and optional description
  6. Once you have a Group or select an existing Group, you will have two options for the Experience; allow repeat interactions and Require proximity.
  7. Toggle “Require Proximity” to place your Experience at a GPS location
  8. Click “Add GPS Location”
  9. Enter an address in the search bar. Alternatively, click the pencil on the bottom left of the map to add a lat/long
  10. Click “Select” to place your Experience at that location
  11. Now “Publish” your Experience

Viewing Experiences with GPS locations in the Metaverse app:

  1. Search for the name of your group
  2. Experiences that are placed at specific locations will have a pin icon on their preview card
  3. Tap on the pin icon button on the bottom of the app to open a map
  4. Walk near the Experiences in order to interact with them
  5. The Experiences will change color when your close enough to view them
  6. Tap on the Experience to view it

Place Experiences at locations by printing QR codes:

  1. Publish your Experience
  2. Click “Share”
  3. Open the “Share URL”
  4. Print the share page to get the Experience QR code
  5. Paste the QR code on objects, walls etc.
Updated on February 24, 2021

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