Presentation Playlist

Easily present multiple presentations by adding them to a playlist. This works for any design but is best used for presentations.

Create a folder

  1. From the homepage, click Folders.
  2. On the upper corner of the page, click Create new folder.
  3. Name your folder, and edit the share settings (optional).
  4. Click Create folder to finish. The created folder will appear on the side panel.

Add presentations to folder

  1. Go to the All your designs folder.
  2. Drag a presentation to the folder you created from the section above. Repeat until all presentations are added to the folder. You can also add non-presentation designs.
  3. From the side panel, click on the folder that you created.
  4. Click Present folder or the play button at the top part of the screen. A playlist of your folder will appear.
  5. Drag presentations up or down in the list to set the order in which they will appear.
  6. Click Present items to start presenting.

Last-minute changes can still be made to designs added to playlists. The most up-to-date versions will be shown.

To exit presentation mode, press ESC on your keyboard.

Updated on February 22, 2021

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