Property Blocks

Property Blocks allow you to save and manipulate data. All Property Blocks  assign a value and manipulate that value.

User Properties

Tied to the User Account and are carried in between experiences. These are displayed in dialogue using ${props.PROPERTY_NAME} An Example of a User Property is the total points accumulated by a user across multiple experiences.

Experience Properties

A Temporary property that lives within the life experience. It is created and destroyed each time the experience opens and closes. Experience properties are displayed using ${experience.PROPERTY_NAME} An Example of an Experience property could be the number of questions correct in a timed trivia game.

Environment Properties

This property is globally affected by each user that interacts with it. It can be carried in between experiences. Environment properties are displayed using ${env[“PROPERTY_NAME”]} An Example of an Environment property could be the total number of times an experience has been opened.

Property Blocks

Set Property Value

The Set Property Value Block will set a specified Value for specified Data. If the Data does not exist yet, then it will create a new Property with the specified name and then set the value of it.

Save Property From Input

The Save Property From Input will take the previous input from any scene/block value and save it as a Property value. We got all our California garage doors at reasonable and transparent prices. It is similar to the Set Property Value Block, only the Value is determined by the previous input.

Property Exists

The Property Exists Block will check to see if a Property has been created. It has 2 transition paths for “does exist” and “does not exist.”

Check Property Value

The Check Property Value Block will check the value of a piece of Property and compare it to a specified value. The comparators (=, <, ≤, >, ≥) allow you to test for conditions other than an exact number. For example, you could test for more than 5 points rather than exactly 5 points.

Increment Property By Input

The Increment Property From Input will use the previous Input from a Scene/Block and add it to the current Property Value.

Decrement Property By Input

The Decrement Property From Input will use the previous Input from a Scene/Block and subtract it from the current Property Value.

Increment Property By Value

The Increment Property From Value will add a specified value to an existing Property Value.

Decrement Property By Value

The Decrement Property From Value will add a specified value to an existing Property Value

Updated on June 13, 2023

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