Publishing Experiences

When you have finished creating an Experience click “Publish.” You may publish your Experience as many times as you like.

Publishing an Experience updates the Experience to the current Storyboard. If you have Published the Experience in the past and have made changes, user who interact with your Experience will see the Experience from the previous Publish state. Publish your Experience to save any additional changes.

Publish Settings

After clicking “Publish” you are taken to the publish menu. Title your Experience and add an optional description/tag(s).

Advanced settings determine if your Experience is discoverable by other Metaverse users and if you want to let other creators copy your Experience.


  • “Public” Allows anyone to search for your Experience
  • “Part of a Group” adds your Experience to a collection of others.
  • “Unlisted” hides the Experience from discovery, making it only accessible by the share URL or QR code.

Cloning (Copying an Experience):

“Allow cloning” lets other Metaverse users make a copy of your Experience and edit it as they choose. This does not affect the original Experience.

Updated on February 24, 2021

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