RPG Builder

Welcome to this tutorial on how to get a fresh installation of RPG Builder 2.0 up and running. In this tutorial, I will guide you step by step on how to install and set up RPG Builder in Unity.

Step 1: Optional Project Settings The first step is optional, but if you want the demo to look as it should, you should go under Edit, Project Settings, Player, and change Gamma to Linear.

Step 2: Import RPG Builder The next step is to import RPG Builder. To do this, go under the Asset Store or the Package Manager, type RPG Builder, and click Import. Once you do so, it will show you a window with all the things that you get once you import RPG Builder. All you have to do is click Import again, and let Unity do its thing. This process might take a minute.

Step 3: Ignore Console Warnings Once the import process is complete, you may see some warnings in the console. Don’t worry about those, you can clear them and you will never have issues from them.

Step 4: Automated Getting Started Go under Blink, Getting Started, and there is a small window here that is going to save us even more time. You can untick Switch to Linear because we just did it, and click on Set Up RPG Builder. It’s going to load the main menu scene and it’s going to show us the TMP Importer window. You just click on Import TMP Essentials, and we can now close this window.

Step 5: Explore RPG Builder You are now ready to explore RPG Builder. You can see that there are already abilities, effects, stats, NPCs, and even some items that are provided for you in the demo. You can learn from these, and of course, you’re now ready to create your own.

Step 6: Project Settings There are a few more steps you need to take. You need to go under Edit, Project Settings, Tags and Layers, click on the small preset icon here, and double-click this.

Step 7: Optional Post-Processing This step is optional, but if you want the demo to look exactly as it should, you can import post-processing. To do this, go to the Package Manager, type Post, and install it. Then select the camera and add a Post-Process Layer component. Assign Post-Processing Layer on it, and that’s it.

Step 8: Test RPG Builder Press Play, and you should be able to go in-game now, create a new character, talk to the NPC, buy some items, and try out a few of the abilities. You can see that there are a lot of assets given to you for free, including in RPG Builder. You can also explore the day and night cycle feature.

That’s it! You now have RPG Builder 2.0 installed and set up in Unity. Remember, there are thousands of features and systems available to you with RPG Builder, and you can check out the YouTube channel as well as the Discord for more information on how to use them. Have fun creating your own RPG!

Updated on March 10, 2023

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