Sharing a CoSpace

Pro CoSpacers can easily share their CoSpaces with others, whether they have CoSpaces Edu or not!


To share your CoSpace, open it and click Share.


Choose how you want to share your CoSpace with others.

Click Share unlisted to share your CoSpace with specific people.

Click Publish to Gallery to let everybody view it in the public CoSpaces Edu Gallery.


Type in a name for your CoSpace and a description introducing it.

Then, enable remixing if you want to allow others to be able to copy your CoSpace and edit it into their own version.


Every CoSpace can be shared and accessed using a simple share code or a share link.

Each shared CoSpace also has a unique QR code, which can be scanned with a smartphone or a tablet to easily access it.


You can also easily share your CoSpace on your favorite social media channels!

Click a social media share icon to create a post including your CoSpace.

Personalize it and share it with your friends and followers.


You can also add your CoSpace to a website using the embed code.

Simply copy and paste the embed code to add it wherever you like.

This will place your CoSpace on your page inside a viewer, ready to be explored!

Updated on February 24, 2021

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