Start Creating in CoSpaces


Click Classes and enter your class to view your assignments.

You can also create your own CoSpaces under Free Play.

Start by exploring the welcome CoSpace to get familiar with the basics.

To create your first CoSpace, click

Create CoSpace.


To start with, you can choose the first scene to build in.

You can create inside of a 3D environment

of your choice and view it in VR and AR.

You can also build upon a 360° image that you choose and view it in VR.

If you’re lucky to have this extra option, you can even build for the MERGE Cube!


Drag and drop 3D objects from the

Library to add them to your scene.

You can even build your own using building blocks under Building.

Go to Upload to add 3D models, images and GIFs, videos, and even sounds!

Updated on February 24, 2021

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