Storyboard Overview

Experiences are created in the Experience Storyboard. This is a drag and drop canvas when you combine components (Scenes and blocks) in order to create Experiences. Configure settings for Scenes and Blocks on the right-hand side of the Storyboard in the Storyboard menu.

Storyboard Top Bar

The top bar of the Experience Storyboard allows you to give your Experience a title, undo changes, test, share, and publish your Experience.

Title Your Experience

Click the space “Untitled Experience” to give your Experience a title.

Undo Recent Changes

Click the back arrow to undo the most recent change to your Experience.

Zoom in and Out

Zoom in and out of the Storyboard canvas by clicking the appropriate magnifying glass.

Test your Experience

Click test and scan the QR code with the Metaverse app to test your Experience in its current state. Keep in mind that you will need to set an “End Experience” transition on your last Scene if you would like it to close at the end of the test.

Share your Experience

Click Share to see your Share QR code after publishing your Experience. The Share QR code can be scanned by anyone to view your Experience in it’s published state.

Underneath the QR code is the Share URL. Copy the share URL and open it in your browser to view your Experience share page. From this page you can scan the Experience QR code with the Metaverse App, download the Metaverse app and even create your own Experience.

The share URL can be sent to anyone, posted on social media etc. If a user opens the share url on their phone or tablet, and they have the Metaverse app installed, the Experience will open in the Metaverse app.

Publish your Experience

Click the publish button to publish the most recent version of your Experience. More information about publishing is available in the publish tab of this guide.

Click on the blue circle on the bottom left of the Storyboard canvas to access the live support helpline.

Storyboard Canvas

Initial Storyboard Configuration

When you create a new Experience the Storyboard will display a settings Block and a Character Scene. The Block is automatically linked to the Character Scene with a blue line. It is extremely important that the settings Block (The grey block with the gear) transitions to a Scene or block. Your Experience will not work if this Block is not linked.

Clicking on the settings block allows you to delete the Experience.

Adding Characters and Blocks

You can add Characters and Blocks by clicking the “+ Add New” button on the top right of the Storyboard canvas. From here you can browse the Scene and Block library and click to import them into your Storyboard.

NOTE: New Scenes and Blocks will appear on the far right of your Storyboard Canvas.

Updated on February 24, 2021

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