Trivia Games

Create audio (guess the song) challenges, timed trivia, keep track of scores, award items to a winner, add a selfie wall of winners and MUCH more!

Here’s how to create a basic multiple choice trivia game:

  1. Configure your character Scene by adding a question as the dialogue
  2. Choose a character
  3. Add four buttons with the multiple choice answer options
  4. Add two more Character Scenes. One will be the correct answer Scene and one will be the incorrect answer Scene
  5. Transition the correct answer to the correct Scene and the incorrect answers to the incorrect Scene
  6. On the question Scene, add a timer by clicking on the empty space on the Scene
  7. Expand the timer section of the Storyboard Menu
  8. Toggle “Use timer to transition automatically”
  9. Make sure “Timer Type” is set to Delay
  10. Specify how long you want a user to have to answer a question by entering the seconds
  11. Select the incorrect Scene as the “Default Transition”
  12. Toggle “Force user to wait until transitioning” to wait until the timer expires until transitioning to the next Scene
  13. Add a new Character Scene for the next question
  14. Transition your correct and incorrect Scenes to the next question Scene
  15. Repeat the process for each question
Updated on February 24, 2021

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