Using charts

Use charts and graphs to represent your data. This is most useful for presentations.

Add chart to design

  1. Create or open an existing design.
  2. Click the Elements tab from the editor side panel.
  3. Scroll down and look for the Charts collection, or type “chart” on the search bar and press Enter or Return on your keyboard.
  4. Click on a chart to add it to your design. The sidebar will then automatically show the data fields that you can edit in a table. Refer to the section below on how to add your data.

Add or edit chart data

  1. If you just added a new chart to your design, skip to the next step. If you’re editing old data that you entered, select the chart that you want to edit, and click Edit from the toolbar. The sidebar will show your data fields.
  2. Observe how the labels and numbers in the sidebar table are represented in the chart.
  3. Click the fields in the table to input your data.
  4. To add a new row, click the bottom row of the table. To remove a row, leave it blank.

Tip: Copy data from a separate spreadsheet, and paste them on the text field at the bottom of the side panel to easily fill in the data table.

Edit chart colors and style

Click to select the chart that you want to edit, and refer below:

  • Chart color: click a color tile on the toolbar above the editor to pick a new color
  • Chart style: click Edit from the toolbar above the editor, and click the ᐯ icon on the top part of the editor sidebar to select a different style

Tip: Use Copy style or the paint roller icon on the toolbar to easily copy and apply the same bar/line and text colors between charts.

Updated on February 22, 2021

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